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How does a Walk & Talk 
therapy session work?


Embrace Life’s Challenges

Embarking on the counselling journey is an act of self-compassion that ultimately frees you up to be you, to move beyond survival to thrival and to live a meaningful and productive life.

Counselling can be a truly em-powering journey that supports you to take back control of your life, your way.

I offer Walk and Talk sessions to indviduals age 18 and over.


Sessions can be tailored according to your needs; outdoors in person, or indoors online from the comfort of your own home.

Guidance & Inspiration

Counselling can offer a life line towards positive change.

Experiencing safety, empathy and acceptance can greatly help us to repair and heal our lives.. Such safety enables us to re-wire our nervous systems and tackle issues such as anxiety and depression.

I work in a person centred way drawing on neuroscience based tools to help those who are in distress, to gain clarity, calm and perspective as they navigate their way through difficulties.

Learning to regulate our nervous system after trauma is vital and greatly aided by being in nature. I offer a safe space in the outdoors to share at your own pace.

Get the Most out of Life

Outdoor therapy is highly com-plementary to conventional indoor therapy, offering you the added benefits of the natural environment. Research confirms that the natural environment relaxes the nervous system, reduces anxiety, stress and depression.

Together, we will walk and talk in  parks, along coastal routes,   , beaches and woodlands.

Sometimes we will find a place to sit, to allow for integration. This is your time and space to be heard, supported, to validate experiences and feelings and unravel difficulties you may be experiencing. 

By engaging in this journey, you are the one leading your process of recovery.

With my support, you will gain clarity and insight for your well being that will enable you to make the changes that will help you thrive.

To see if this approach might work for you - 

Get in touch via text, phone or email:    -    07512492360

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